Discovering Omusubi

We don't like to call ourselves foodies, but we do love to eat out and try new places a few times a month. On our way to Santa Monica for an evening concert at the beach, my roommate Michelle and I decided to try out this place called Sunny Blue. Known as the only omusubi place in California (who are also rumored to be setting up shop in Los Feliz), this tiny joint serves cheap, well-made, and delicious onigiri - a triangular-shaped packed rice with a variety of fillings wrapped in crunchy seaweed. It's very straight to the point in that as you enter, you immediately see a staff of two preparing orders and counter seating for just four people. The line when we got there reached well outside the shop, with some ordering plenty of flavors to go. A guy who was waiting for his order stood outside to eat and then came back a few minutes later to order more. After I took my first bite of my spicy salmon, I was seriously tempted to do the same. Sunny Blue is located at 2728 Main St., Santa Monica, CA. Their hours vary so check ahead. I recommend trying the spicy salmon and tokyo tori on your first visit. Visit their website here.