Life in the red house

I've been thoroughly enjoying my time at my new place. My roommates are pretty great and very different from each other. They're all actively pursuing creative and artistic things which makes for a very stimulating environment. In our downtime, we've watched Amelie while sipping on glasses of champagne, wine, and then beer. Two out of three are really into cooking which is great because eating is kind of my thing. For now, I'll enjoy their culinary experiments.

We have a dog named Caesar who looks like a fox, but is a total cuddly bear. I think someday he might learn to protect us, but for now, he's a sweetheart to everyone. The move has been very smooth and I've customized a cheap-ass shelf into an expensive looking one. I've seen versions of it elsewhere for like $80 and I only spent $22 for mine! I'll post more photos soon. For now, I'm focused on finding some art for my walls.