Leather totes

I used to be quite opposed to tote bags. I just hate the openness of it. Coming from a third world country, it makes me feel terribly insecure about my stuff! But I've since gotten a bit OK with it and I use one everyday now. I do need a better looking one though, something that would last a long time. I've got a couple of options that I'm looking at. Canoe Goods



Leah Lerner


1. This leather tote by Canoe Goods is a classy rendition with a big enough space for everything -- laptop, wallet, books, and perhaps a cardigan. I love it.

2. This is a simple, unlined tote from Rennes. It has two sizes and I might go for the bigger one.

3. This is a beautiful leather Baggu in cobalt blue that's also significantly cheaper. This is a great option since the color's still quite versatile and could work with any ensemble.

4. This is a handmade saddle brown leather tote by Leah Lerner from Israel. Judging by the photos, the quality and size look perfect! Here's a black version too.

5. This transport tote by Madewell is actually one that I've been eyeing for a long time now. I just love the brown and black combination. It's very spacey too. I love this backpack version as well.