I made a Photoshop action that brightens up photos and adds a bit of a whimsical feel to them. It works best with nature and landscape photos according to several tests that I've done. I often get editing questions on my Tumblr and it's always hard to divulge details about my workflow. I feel really quite protective of it. But the truth is I do the most basic things to make my photos look better. The most important part of my process is actually pressing the shutter with so many elements to consider in the moment - lighting, composition, depth of field, and other in-camera settings that I've tinkered with over the years. The post processing part is hardly any work once you've got a solid shot in your hards. In the end, if your photo is crap, no amount of editing can save it. I think many photographers who've tirelessly experimented on Photoshop for many years would agree with me on this.