Eating, hiking, eating some more

Yesterday, I finally got bangs again after almost a year of not having them. I went back to the same Koreatown salon that did my short hair last year. This time, unfortunately, the stylist did a mediocre job of paying attention to what I wanted and did what most stylists do - ignore my request! Anyway, Justin loves it, but I am really not satisfied. I might wait a month then have it cut again elsewhere. Shame on you, Itocco! I was counting on you.

Seeing as we were already in Ktown, a part of the city we rarely find ourselves in, we decided to spend the afternoon at Tom N Toms. Justin had a weirdly tasty sweet potato latte while I tried their butter garlic bread. The place is okay, really. We just prefer quieter cafes or ones with working Wi-Fi at the very least. We spent at least two hours there then moved on to a Yelp favorite for lunch - Han Bat Sul Lung Tang.

First, this place has 4 1/2 stars on Yelp. Second, they only have two things on their menu. Everyone swears by their beef soup so we ordered that. It tasted like plain water at first, but after noticing a jar of rock salt on our table and adding two spoonfuls of it, the soup magically grew a killer flavor. We sucked that bowl dry!

Justin's not familiar with Koren food, but he's quite game to try anything once. I'm glad he didn't enjoy kimchi because I cannot be forced to eat too much of it again. Their cabbage kimchi was pretty good though. Verdict: Tasty, yes, but we feel like we're missing something. It didn't exactly amaze us. Beef soup is pretty common, yes?

The Ktown frolicking had to end because we both felt like blue whales. This weekend became unintentionally gastronomic for us starting with a delicious brunch at Home, one of our favorite brunch joints in Silverlake, last Saturday. Then an AMAZING Salvadorian restaurant we discovered Saturday night. Then that freaking chocolate chip cookie pie. Then this. UGH. So with all that in mind, aren't you at least wondering what we do to keep the pounds off (or at least try to)? Well, we go hiking sometimes which is what we did after that lunch. We went on a pretty good trail at Elysian Park yesterday where we encountered many dogs (cute and ugly) and kids (cute and ugly). I am, by the way, the worst hiking partner. I have very little leg power, I'm scared of slipping, and I do actually slip ALL THE TIME.

What a day. We went home afterwards and ate some more. Story of our lives, you guys.