Coffee, the drink of the gods

I think I'm ready to admit what I've been trying to deny these past few weeks: I love coffee. I've officially reached the coffee-drinking age wherein I can actually feel the effects of having it in the morning, as well as the ugly effects of not having it. It keeps me up on days I'd rather be dead asleep for. This isn't groundbreaking in the least, but I've spent many hours in coffee shops since college without actually giving credit to caffeine for helping me sustain my sanity when I had too much work to do. Silverlake Coffee Echo Lake Coffee Co.

With that, I'd like to share two of my favorite coffee shops right now: Silverlake Coffee and Echo Lake Coffee Co. Silverlake is slightly better than Echo Lake because it is generally cheaper and nearer. However, it's almost always crowded as heck that finding a spot with an outlet for your laptop charger is always reason enough to gloat. On the other hand, its bagels are fantastic and so much cheaper than Echo Lake's offerings. You can get a lox and cream cheese bagel for just $4! Nevertheless, they each offer a relaxed and fuss-free ambiance.

Of course, when both fails (Echo Lake has weird hours and Silverlake Coffee, like I said, is always packed), I go to the nearby Starbucks which is frustrating in other ways. First of all, it's Starbucks. Setting foot in one always makes me feel so unoriginal. Second, the drinks aren't really that great to be honest. I do love their wide selection of baked goods though. But anyway, we all can do better than Starbucks.

I'm trying to talk myself out of buying my own coffee machine. I'm turning into such a cliche of an adult!