My Christmas Wish List for 2012

It's that time of the year again. It's been a year since I made THIS. Man. It's rather scary, isn't it? I'm 22 and I'm still blogging on the same website about the same juvenile things. Anyway, to continue the materialistic tradition, here are some of the things I've been eyeing. Friends get a dozen brownie points if they actually end up mailing me one of these. (P.S. Ask me for my address!)

1. Royal Elastics' Brother Roland I know I have too many boots already, but I need a black leather alternative for my brown Clarks which barely get time off since I first purchased them. Also, these eliminate the stress of having to deal with annoying laces. It was made for me.

2. All Knitwear's Wavyy Box Top and/or Triangle Stripe Hat Because I am a ball of gloom and wrapping myself around with colorful knitwear might bring some sunshine in me. Also, look how adorable they are! The crazy color combinations, the patterns, and the fact that they're handmade. Check out their other crazy sweaters HERE and their cool hats HERE.

3. Subscription to Kinfolk Magazine I want to be the kind of lady that reads Kinfolk. I don't have the pretty apartment yet to host dinner parties, nor the friends (in these parts, at least) to invite to those kinds of things, so it's aspirational more than anything else. Still, the gorgeous photography, minimal design, and idealism that the magazine embodies is perfect for escapism. I think I just made the whole thing unintentionally depressing. Let's move on.

4. The White Pepper's Black Strap Sandals and/or Brown Leather Belt Bracelet I really love leather things. I've been wanting to buy a leather bracelet for the longest time now and maybe I'll do it finally? And strap shoes! I've been obsessed with them for so long. I had quite a few, but I neglected to bring any with me.

5. The iPhone Scuba Suit Because future Restless Cities: Weekends summer features would look way, way cooler with some underwater shots.