Step one: Unpack

I've been in my new place for a week now and it's nowhere near how I want it to be. It doesn't feel like home yet and I know that's going to take a while. But I figured, maybe part of the reason why I just can't seem to adjust is the fact that I haven't unpacked yet. Granted I didn't bring that many clothes since I planned on going back to my mom's for the weekend. I did what I had to do anyway. I unpacked.

The closet space you see is 1/4 of the actual space I have. I just don't want to show you the rest yet because they're empty as heck. I thought a big space would be perfect for me but now it's proving to be a problem. I have more space than I know what to do with. I'm probably going to buy a proper shoe rack or something. I honestly don't know where to start! Also, before you say, Zet, do you not have pants?!! I do and they're in another part of the closet. The messier part.

My next goal is to fix my desk. It's so messy - wires everywhere, water bottles, coffee mugs, keys, phone, UGH. It's hard, you guys. I'm a mess.