This is a cheesy post.

"When I feel alive, I try to imagine a careless life in a scenic world where the sunsets are all breathtaking."

I saw two amazing bands live and I want to talk about it. POLARIS and BEIRUT. First things first: It felt so fucking amazing to be standing so near Zach Condon. Another thing: WHY IS HE SO AMAZING? It was just everything I imagined and more. I LOVE BEIRUT SO MUCH. I can't stress that enough. To see them live was my 2012 goal and I DID IT! As for freaking POLARIS who had never performed live 'til that Pete & Pete reunion, they were unbelievably good. How could they have sounded that solid without performing ever? It was a huge, huge privilege to have witnessed that epic performance. I feel so goddamn lucky sometimes.