Another day, another museum

Last weekend, I had this strong craving to see some art. It just seemed like the perfect afternoon to subject myself to some confusion (what is going on here?) and self-doubt (am I just dumb or does this not make any sense at all?) because apart from the sweltering heat, it was also a Sunday and I had nothing better to do.

I take a shit ton of photos everywhere I go especially, especially museums. I shoot everything - exteriors, interiors, paintings, people staring at paintings, and people I'm with. It's a bit of an annoying habit that further takes away from the experience. Ah, this seems to be a recurring theme in my life ever since I took up photography seriously. So in this particular afternoon, save for a few iPhone photos and these vanity shots above, I turned off my camera and stared at... art. Most of which I did not understand.

To be fair (to me), it was the Museum of Contemporary Art and its other gallery called The Geffen Contemporary located in Little Tokyo. It's the kind of art I'm not particularly exposed to very often and so I have very little means of understanding any of it. Some were enraging in a who-the-fuck-commissioned-this way while some were really quite interesting. I guess it's just not my cup of tea. If I try to dwell on a piece too much, I end up feeling pretentious. I try so hard to appreciate it, but I just can't. So maybe that played a part as well in my decision not to photograph any of them.

It was still a fun day for sure. My buddy and I had a great time poking fun at some of the more ridiculous pieces (like a plot of land in the middle of a fucking room -- give me a break) and then discovering the best ramen in town. It was also Nisei Week so that area of Little Tokyo was closed to traffic and we got to watch some Japanese women in traditional garb dance to the tune of folk Japanese songs. Very interesting day! It really surprises me that I do not take advantage of my weekends like that as often. So many things are going on around me!

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Disclaimer: I'm not always proud of my sartorial choices, but I just felt like putting on whatever felt right that day. Apparently, 'right' doesn't always mean 'good'.