Still talking about that weekend, yes.

I really can't wait to share more details about the trip that I just had, but you'll just have to wait because it's going to be on Restless Cities as soon as we finish it. In the meantime, let me talk about parts of that trip that certainly won't be shared on that other site of mine. I hope you're not confused yet. I know what you're thinking and I agree. I do have too many websites.

For starters, here are things that did happen compared to things I expected to happen at my first music festival:

Expectation: Lots of people smoking freely - weed, cigarettes, pipes, etc. It's San Francisco after all. Reality: I actually witnessed a group of friends do cocaine. That was fucking insane. Result: We may have stared at them too long. One girl proudly said, "What are they gonna do? Call the cops?" I could've, young lady. I could've!

Expectation: Whole day of frolicking at the festival, then late night shenanigans. Reality: Whole day of frolicking at the festival, late night shenanigans, AND lots of pre-midnight snap decisions! Result: Muscles hurting, skin burning, hearts singing! Fantastic.

Expectation: Very few food truck meals in favor of Trader Joe's snacks and home-cooked meals. Reality: Zero food truck meal intake, 90% McDonald's for breakfast, 10% late night dinners at random places. Result: I just don't want to see anything fried right now.

Many bizarre things happened that have simple explanations though. Like, why was I almost front row at the Twin Peaks stage for Big Boi when I could've been at Sutro for Grandaddy? Well, Passion Pit was set to play after and we wanted to get a good spot for them. Did the plan work? Uh, not really. We ended up ditching Passion Pit because the crowd was CRAY. Visual proof HERE. I am only 5'2 in height. You do the math! (Panorama taken with my iPhone)

Obviously, I had a shit ton of fun. The festival was insane because I was also there as a photographer so I had to run around a lot. But we did a lot of pre- and post-festival activities as well. Because we're dorks, we visited a couple of places that most other people would find lame (because they are losers) like 826 Valencia (because I love love love Dave Eggers), City Lights Bookstore (because I love reading and places that have a lot of history), the original Amoeba Music (because we are cool, okay?), and many more. We also had a mini celebration on the 11th and had a great brunch at The Crepe House. Listing down the things we did kind of makes me dizzy. How did we manage it?! And these aren't even all of them yet. We really killed that weekend.