Some of the things that go through my head during bus rides

Things I hastily bought online. - That was such a bad decision. Damn it, damn it, damn it.

Things I'm about to buy. -I'm going to regret this purchase. I just know it. But here goes nothing...

Having a smartphone that can do almost anything. - I wish I could go back to my non-smart Samsung phone days wherein eye contact was forced upon me on a daily basis. I mean, I had nothing to refresh again and again on my phone! It was easier to function socially then.

Previous conversations with friends, exes, or even strangers. - Man, I should've known he was trying to be a dick when he said that! I could've come up with a much better comeback. I also wish I said something to that crazy person in the bus who called me stupid.

"Matters of the heart." Usually my own, but sometimes, other people's too. - How come no one goes on proper dates anymore? Everyone's just "hanging out". What does that even mean? Also, why would she go out with two different guys in one week? And he did what? Grand gestures are so fucking gone. I don't belong in this era.

Stuff I want to eat. - Boba. Boba. Boba. French macarons. Boba. Fried chicken. Boba.

Future trips with people I want to see. - Hong Kong with my best friends this Christmas is going to be awesome. Or Thailand. They need to get their shit together and decide already. Also, Manila. I miss you.

Trips I want to happen. - It'd be fantastic to be in Iceland this time next year. I should probably go for it.

People I want to marry (only happens when traffic is super bad). - Gerard Butler, you're perfect, but you're just not the marrying type. I want an artist, someone who'd sing me to sleep. Someone like Oren Lavie with a voice that can melt my entire being into a puddle of hormonal goo. Or Zach Condon who'd take me around the world with him. I could be standing in the middle of a music venue with James Blake who'd listen to me talk about everything. He'd tell me my opinions mattered a lot and then we'd proceed to enjoy the show not minding everyone else in the room. (These thoughts are very tweeny, but watching Marlon Brando at his prime kind of does that to you.)

Girls on Tumblr who talk about how they're obsessed with nerds, dorks, geeks, and etc. - First of all, they're not all the same. Most of them can be real jerks because "they're so smart". Second of all, the boys in those photos you reblog all the time aren't actually geeks. They're hipsters who go to Goodwill every other week with printed out pegs of outfits from menswear blogs that they follow religiously. Do they even know anything about Star Wars other than the fact that Natalie Portman was in it? Do they even read anything other than GQ?

Things I never want to say again. - I'll never bring that up again lest I want chaos. Think it, then shut it. Care less, feel less. That's how it works in the modern age.

Stupid lists I want to make, but never do. - Oh, I'm definitely listing down all the reasons why one should never sit on the very back or very front of ANY bus. And don't get me started on the seats at bus stops. I could go on and on about those too.