How far ahead do you allow yourself to look/plan? It's a dangerous concept, of course, laying out things you have to accomplish in a certain number of years. But isn't it also ideal to set goals for yourself?

You can't look too far ahead because as you get older, your opinion on most things changes as well. Yesterday, my buddy and I were sitting on the front porch waiting for the delivery guy to bring our food. The house is on top of a hill so we were facing a pretty spectacular view - silhouettes of mountains, a multitude of houses, and the darn freeway. I said that if the ocean was in front of us instead of the freeway, then it'd be perfect. To which he replied, what's so bad about the freeway? Nothing actually, I thought. I'm in my 20s and at this point in my life, the hustle and bustle of the freeway is quite fitting. I'm at my most anxious, I think, because of all the uncertainties caused by my initiation into adulthood. Where's that dream job? Where's all the money I was supposed to have by now? Where's everything? Nope, I'm not entitled to any of these things. I need to earn them. How? I do not know yet. I'm never really quite sure where I'm headed ever and I find myself going with the flow more often that not. So, yes, I guess right now, this view here is perfect:

There are many things that I've always wanted rather consistently. I still want a house in front of a lake or an ocean or any body of water for that matter as I did when I was 16 and much more idealistic. Even though I've turned into a sometimes jaded semi-adult, I still believe everything is achievable in due time. The meaning of everything of course depends on you. I have a pretty vague definition in mind in which I do not expect to have a perfect life and have everything at my disposal in the near future, I just want everything that I consider important and necessary to live a full life. Does that make sense? I want the fundamental things. And so there is much hope for this:

And many more years of sitting in front of something so beautiful that words are rendered useless. May we never lose appreciation for what's in front of us. (My heart aches for all the lives lost at the Aurora massacre. RIP.)