On with the nesting phase: Dwell On Design

As fate would have it, with its impeccable timing, I found myself at this year's Dwell On Design with my friend who's an interior designer. While most of the exhibits were boring (bathroom fixtures, kitchen sinks, every kind of fireplace in this goddamn world), there were a couple of unique stuff that stood out for me in a I would love to have that in my house kind of way. The dip-dyed trend really appeals to the semi-playful side of me as it's sort of trendy without going overboard. Just the perfect in between! There were also a couple of bicycles on display that had me drooling. Why don't I live in a bicycle-friendly city? That kind of lifestyle just seems so ideal. I was disappointed in the lack of exciting essential furnitures, but it was my first time there so I really have no clue how these events work.

There were huge posters on sale too and a couple of paintings which made me realize that I want a lot of art in my future place too. I've thought about having a photo I've taken printed and framed, but I haven't reached that level of narcissism yet. I think I'd rather have art that means a lot to me on my wall. Perhaps a signed by Dave Eggers? (I'm getting ahead of myself here. I strongly believe he'll be touring soon for his new book and that's when I'll have everything signed!)