Nesting: White

Sources: 1. Jimmy Schönning / 2. Inthralld / 3. Lily / 4. Lily

I am determined to move to my own place in a couple of months which is why (or so I tell myself) I've not stopped looking at other people's apartments. I have reached that point of no return - the nesting phase. I see a piece of furniture and I try to imagine it in my own home. It's insane. I even care about rugs now. RUGS. That's how bad it has gotten, you guys.

The good side of it all is that I know exactly what I like now. I noticed that I favored clean, minimalistic spaces as opposed to ones with too much going on. I like a pattern here and there, but I'd much rather live in a clutter-free space. The first photo from Jimmy Schönning's amazing 420 square feet apartment is a good example of how to effectively use monochromatic colors in a room that's prone to look like a disaster - the kitchen! The chalkboard painted cabinet is a great idea and helps with the consistency of the room's aesthetics. I also love how his chairs are all different although I probably wouldn't dare do that in my own home. White just presents so many opportunities for you to go crazy on other details.

I'm sure my future apartment is going to look like something out of an Ikea catalog because I am in my 20s and therefore, perpetually broke. Isn't it just fun though to picture your future apartment and how it's going to look while you're still just about to take the plunge? The reality of it still hasn't sunk in and I'm still optimistic about everything. I guess once I do sign a lease and pay the deposit, the permanence of it will wash away the excitement and remind me that all paychecks from then on won't last even a few days in my hands. Money... what money? But that's still months away. I've got time. (And don't you dare tell me otherwise!)