On my own

Photo: Robert Wright for The New York Times

Lately, I've been seriously considering moving out and getting my own place. I've always lived with my parents except that brief time I was in film school and rented an apartment with three lovely girls. Even then, it wasn't what you'd call an ordinary apartment as it came fully furnished and looked like a hotel. I want something more than that. At 22, I have very few options given my small budget and my lack of desire to drive. So location-wise, I have to be at least near a bus stop or a train station. There's also the part about living with other people. Do I want to deal with potentially crazy roommates? Can I afford not to deal with them by not having them at all? Do I really want to spend hundreds of dollars a month on rent when I could continue living like a child with free lodging and food without any of my family members resenting me?

But you see, I also want a little bit of freedom. I want to build a little library of my own in my space, however small it may be. I want to be able to invite friends over without fear of causing any inconveniences to other people. More importantly, I want to go grocery shopping once or twice a week. I want to have a cookie jar filled with my favorite fatty sweets and a pretentious tea set just so I could invite someone over for tea if they were so inclined. I want to go to Ikea with an actual need for things other than Swedish meatballs (like, say, cheap furniture?). I want to reblog stuff on my Tumblr and caption them with, "I want this for my apartment!" I think it's about time I stopped pretending to be an adult and started living like a real one.

I shall keep you guys posted on this matter.