Eat well. Live well.

I want to stop worrying about so many (stupid) things -- my short hair, my belly fat, this girl who rips off almost everything in my blog/Tumblr, calories, people...

I've decided to just stick with this rule: Eat well. Live well. Enjoy life. That's it. Eating well of course doesn't mean running to the nearest McDonald's for a box of Chicken McBites. That is NOT eating well at all. It means going for that extra piece of cookie after a hearty meal and not having to feel bad about it. Living well means taking the time and effort to be good to yourself and walking a mile or two everyday. Living well means reading good books, listening to good music, and doing awesome things. Don't let ANYONE make you waste your time worrying about them. Worry about yourself and how you can live better.

On the subject of good food, I suggest you visit Now We Are Hungry, Sarie's food blog (which I assume, because she is a cool chick, was named after Dave Eggers' short story collection). It's an awesome read.