Keeping At It: Personal Projects

I am very happy to report that the first couple of weeks of January have been quite productive. My band, Vicious the Boat, with Erwin will be releasing an EP in February full of original songs. Two days ago, we uploaded our first original entitled, "Love Song" which was recorded with the help of Shinji Manlangit and Francis Cabal (two awesome boys from The Strangeness). I guess it's fate that paved the way for me to become friends with Erwin who happens to share the same taste in a lot of things (most importantly, music). I've always loved to sing since I was very young, but traumatic experiences had turned me into a very shy girl. I also had a band with close friends back in college, but we never got around to playing in public (we played rock music). Another thing I really like to do in my spare time is write lyrics. Erwin and I have been sending lyrics back and forth for months with the intention of turning them into real songs one day. I guess that day has come! I'm just so lucky, really, to be surrounded with amazingly talented and creative people.

Another dream project that I'm working on: Today From Far Away. 2012 is turning out to be a really incredible year for opportunities. TFFA is going to be a blog about the daily activities of people from around the world. Weeks will be themed and submissions are welcome from anyone at all. Also, there's no set medium: anything is okay. Photography, illustration, graphic design... even written works! It's a supplementary blog for Spaces and will be updated daily. I'm so excited about this.

Let me (and the rest of the internet) know how your day went. The first theme is "My First Day". Email me for more information!