How to cook my mom's pork giniling

People often say this about their mothers, but my mom is one awesome cook. She has the best versions of everything - chicken adobo, spare ribs, carbonara, etc etc. We're a very well-fed family and we consider food as one of our most important indulgences in life. We don't mind spending reasonably well for a really, really good meal. It is our fuel, as they say, so might as well make sure only the good kind gets in our bodies, yes? Otherwise, won't we end up not functioning very well?

The other day, while my mom was preparing Pork Giniling, a Filipino dish that's an absolute favorite of mine and my sister's, I decided to snap every step (except for one wherein she put her secret ingredient). There are many variations of this dish - some add boiled egg, some put raisins to add sweetness (which my mom does sometimes as well), and some add beans. Another good thing about this dish is that you may put in anything you like as long as it doesn't put the taste out of balance. Enjoy and if you decide to try it out, let me know how it goes!

NOTES: 1.) Season to taste. Some like it saltier than others. You may also try adding fish sauce or catsup. 2.) This goes well with steamed rice or bread. But go with steamed rice first THEN some bread.