2011 in Live Shows

Other shows worth noting: Sufjan Stevens and Raymond Raposa for "Beyond This Place", Chris Colfer opening for Dashboard Confessional, George Sarah and The Strings, Ken Camden, Ha Ha Tonka, and Letting Up Despite Great Faults. Also, note: The photos for Moscow Olympics and The Radio Dept. are actually screenshots from videos I took. I didn't bring my dSLR that night. :|

I'm looking forward to seeing even more shows in 2012. A little useless fact: I've only been to two shows my whole life before 2011 (Jens Lekman and Paramore). Crazy, right? I had a pretty traumatic experience at the Jens Lekman show in 2010 and I dreaded the idea of squeezing myself in a crowd for a long time. That ended when I watched Sufjan Stevens (also in 2010) and felt the most amazing feeling after. I'm really thankful that I get to combine two of my biggest passions in life: music and photography. More of it in 2012 please!