On the approaching new year

The fact that this year will end in a couple of hours is pretty insane, but it relieves the hell out of me because so many things have happened. I have reasons to believe that 2011 was somehow intent on breaking me to see if I could actually pick up the pieces and slowly rebuild myself to become a stronger and better me that I could ever be. Now, here comes 2012, the chance for me to show the year that was that yes, I am a pretty tough person despite my size and that yes, I will bounce back from everything it threw at me. Back when I wrote about being excited about all the opportunities 2011 presented, I really meant it. Now, a short recap: The first 3/4 sucked. The last 1/4 was good. I'm still getting over the repercussions of the things that happened, but I swear, I'll make no mind of it as soon as I get back on track with work and other real world things. That's the best thing about anticipating a new year, you're resigned to believe that things will change and it might just be for the better. Yes?

So, resolutions. I always do this, but I never get to do half of the things I list down. But yes. Resolutions. Just a few this time and ones that I could actually do:

  1. Take better pictures.
  2. Be brave enough to let people in.
  3. Take risks, but THINK.
  4. Work extra hard.
  5. SAY YES!

Last year, I celebrated New Year's in Las Vegas with the company of friends. This year, I am in the comfort of my home. Home means being surrounded by people you love and love you back, right? Then yes, I am home.