One of my goals for 2012 is simply to be a better person. I want to improve in my craft and gain confidence in my self and the things that I can do. It's hard to put yourself out there because no matter how small the world may seem now, there are still billions of people in existence. There has to be more than a million exactly like you who can do the same things - only better. So how do I go about setting myself apart?

Pictured above are some business card designs I made. It's an effort towards properly entering the real world as a professional (that is, if I do get these printed). They're simple and the photos are meant to be the main focus, as always. I've tried to maintain a consistent aesthetic here (and all of my other sites) because I've always had a minimalistic style. All the stuff I write about and the photos I post here are personal. I could even go as far as to say they're mine, but nothing is truly ever yours once they're on the internet. So they're partly mine. This blog redesign which, for CSS experts, may seem easy to replicate, but was worked on for hours with the intent of completing an "experience". Every blog offers different kinds of experiences and I want to give a very personal one with mine.

To see it completely replicated only a couple of days after the redesign is terribly disheartening and frustrating. Despite the simplicity, I put a lot of effort into the things I do which is why it bothers me so much when people disrespect that hard work (especially when you've been very nice to them in the past). I've had my fair share of mistakes, but even so, I always try to take that inspiration to another level.

Christian retweeted the following quote today: "Self confidence is the ability to exercise restraint in the face of disrespect & also show respect in response." I just hope I'm mature enough to shut up about this incident after this entry. I need to grow up and be the bigger person in the situation. Isn't that what they always say?

Unrelated, but I just want to let you know that from now on, all fashion-related posts will automatically be on the Fashion Page. This is to avoid unnecessarily flooding the home page with my face!

"New Years" by Ohbijou