Here we go again

A continuation of "A day at LACMA"... I went back to LACMA with my friend, Lindsey. We planned on meeting early on when I arrived in LA, but I was so busy with film school that we ended up meeting much later. Linds and I entered through the other side where the dog park was. Ary and I didn't get to the part of the museum before. We got there at around 4pm and the ticket guy told us we could get the tickets for less at 5pm onwards. Twenty minutes later though we found ourselves bored and out of things to do. We were tired of waiting so we went to the ticket booth again and the guy gave us discounted rates anyway! So that's the end of my lame story about yet another stranger's kindness.

I swear this is the LAST museum post for 2011. I've exhausted the last remaining shots I've taken in my previous trip so that's that. I wish I went to more museums though like MOCA and the Pacific Design Center. Maybe next time?