Spaces is a series in which people from different parts of the world share their “personal spaces” through photographs and words. It is a project that I have started conceptualizing back in February after I got back from Los Angeles. It has evolved and changed so much since then and I'm really, really excited. I know that "personal spaces" are supposed to be intimate and, well, personal. But doesn't it ever make you wonder just how other people who live so much farther from you see the world they move in? There are endless perspectives to be explored and that's what this series intends to do. Every subject will interpret the word "space" as they please. I have given them 100% freedom on how to go about it which makes it all the more exciting.

The official launch of this project along with its very first feature will be in two weeks. I have invited some of the most interesting people I know with the most diverse backgrounds and they have kindly agreed to share with us their very own place in the world. For the first feature, I will be presenting to you a Venezuelan student who's currently taking up Audiovisual Communications in Spain.

I know there hasn't been much action in this blog the past few week, but I'm slowly trying to get back in the groove if you know what I mean. Things haven't been very peachy in the real life department and I haven't picked up my camera in a long, long time. I feel that this project will inspire me (and hopefully many others) to keep on exploring because the world is huge and I've not seen even half of it yet. Be strong like bear! (It will always be my favorite line from a book.)