I'm a proud Lasallian.

You probably saw #DLSU100 trending on Twitter today and wondered what the heck it was all about. Oh, nothing. It's just that one of the best schools in Philippines, the De La Salle University celebrated its 100th year today. The President of the Philippines came and a couple of celebrities. Not a big deal, right? (I personally didn't see any of the celebrities, but I did watch the President speak during mass.)

There are so many things to be said about going back to school. It would seem that everything has changed except for you and you begin to recount the days you spent and things you did in every corner of the campus. Then it all comes back to you: that table right there under the tree? You used to sit there a lot with your block mates when you were all supposed to be in class. Yes, you serial cutters. That restroom under the stairs? You always used to go there just because no one else did.

The celebration was so much fun. There was a countdown and while we waited, we chanted the school cheers that you would only usually hear during a UAAP game or the annual frosh orientation. We also encountered a couple of school celebrities like Mang Jack, the discipline officer famous for his unique way of berating students and his constant presence in basketball games. The whole Communication Arts tech team were also there and I was so so happy to see them. I can't believe I'm saying this, but it was just like old times. Damn.

As much as I love my school, I've had some really terrible things happen to me in those halls. I remember the day I was humiliated in school by two professors in front of my photography class. It was my favorite professor's 60th birthday and something really nasty happened. It depressed me for days and I almost dropped out of Communication Arts because of it. I swallowed my pride in the end and no, I never filed for grievance (although I should have). Life went on. La di da. Now I've got a bachelor's degree, but I'm still pretty clueless about life. And I still seek for revenge against those two professors. (Of course, I'm kidding.)

I wish we had a course called "Real Life 101". I'm sure a lot of people would like that. Nevertheless, I am thankful for the Lasallian education that I received. It was way more than I bargained for. I will always remember the nights I spent at the amphitheater just laughing with friends as we waited for the trees to light up. Or the many times I cut class for the stupidest reasons. There will always be a special place in my heart for everything DLSU: the memories, the people, the place itself.

I always used to wonder what was meant for me in the outside world. Now that I'm on the outside looking in, I kind of want to turn back time and tell myself, "Hey, don't hurry so much, okay?"