Travel companions

My friends and I, up until last month, had one barkada tradition. Firstly, barkada is the Filipino word for "group of friends". Secondly, that lone tradition was our annual Christmas dinner wherein we would dress up in super fancy clothes and dine in the most expensive restaurant we could find. It's been going on for four years now. (I didn't make it last year though becasue I was studying in LA. They just lovingly tagged me on group pictures posted on Facebook.)

During our recent trip to Singapore, however, a new one was made. It's more expensive and more complicated than our Christmas dinner, but it's also more exciting! It's the perfect motivation for all of us to work our asses off -- the annual trip pact! We agreed to travel together abroad at least once every year. Were we drunk? Nope. Were we high? YES. We were high on Singapore fever! (Heh heh. Corny.) But seriously, we're going to make this happen. We've already agreed on our 2012 destination, in fact. We're going to Bali, Indonesia.

I've always said that the person I'm going to end up loving for a really long time has to be someone I can travel with. He has to be okay with getting lost occasionally, with riding the wrong train to the wrong station, with walking the whole day to uncertain locations, with meeting and talking to strangers (sometimes creepy ones), and with eating a whole lot of strange food. Well, I have found that person. Actually, I found four and they are my bestest friends forever and ever -- Jho, Ricca, Lawrence, and Jules. (This is so cheesy. I'm just glad they don't read this blog.)

Music: "East Harlem" by Beirut