Singapore: Art

It was the first thing we all agreed on: we would visit the National Museum of Singapore! In the end though, only Jules and I made it during his last day (and my second to the last). Ricca and Lawrence ended up doing a day-trip to Malaysia instead. I can't say I didn't expect it. It's so hard to justify taking time out of a very hectic week-long vacation to burn a few hours (and bucks) in a building. But once inside, it all begins to make sense.

My favorite out of all the artworks and installations I saw was Suzann Victor's "Expense of Spirit in a Waste of Shame". Here's a video of it presented differently from how it was displayed at the Singapore Art Museum. Maybe it was the sentimental person in me, maybe it was because of how I was feeling at the time. Maybe it was because of the person I was with. Either way, I'd never been that moved by art before.

I was delighted to see so many works by Filipino artists at the Singapore Art Museum. There was Louie Cordero's "My We" which was a bit creepy. With Frank Sinatra's "My Way" playing over and over again, the red room was populated with sculptures of men with their candy-like intestines exposed. Really haunting, but also a bit funny since I'm familiar with what inspired it. I also loved Briccio Santos' "Heritage Tunnel'. Most confusing were the short films presented at the Biennale. I have absolutely nothing to say about them!