Singapore: Places and sights

Like all good things, my first trip abroad with my bestest friends ended too soon. I can honestly say that those eight days in Singapore were some of the best days of my life. It was a glimpse back into the independence I experienced in Los Angeles in a much different light and it answered the question in my head, "Could I actually live here?" The answer is a big YES. I love Singapore despite the intense humidity, confusing languages, and high cost of living. The vibrant streets of Chinatown where our hostel was located were inspiring. It's nice to see traditional and culture-rich buildings beside breathtakingly modern architecture.

When we first arrived, it was gloomy and rainy. The next day, we were confronted with the intense heat that reminded us all of home. It made it hard to believe we were abroad at all. As expected, I ended up with hundreds of photos. I opted to leave my laptop behind and it was liberating not having to worry about it. I had my BlackBerry with me so I don't know if you could still call that disconnecting, but I did feel somewhat relieved. I'm really eager to go back soon!

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