Oh, dear Malibu

I try hard not to whine too much, but sometimes I really can't help myself. So here it goes: I'm not a big fan of the beach. I've only been to Boracay twice in my life and both were terrible experiences for me. I occasionally go to Bataan with the family, but I go mainly to be with them. Just the thought of getting sand all over my feet and having to wash them before I can get in the car irritates me. Yes, I'm a very unpleasant person to be with at the beach (and maybe, everywhere else). So what was I doing in Malibu?

My roommates decided one morning to drive about an hour from Los Angeles to Malibu because it's Malibu! It's one of the most popular beaches in California and I was also pretty interested. I have to say, the Malibu County Mart was way more interesting than the beach itself. I saw a couple of mothers who'd fit right in an episode of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills". We had burgers and fries then we went to the beach to meet up with the guys who were hours late because they got lost or something. I don't even remember anymore. We all had a nice (expensive) dinner at the only restaurant open at the pier that day. What a bummer. I only had soup and a glass of coke and I'm pretty sure I paid about twenty bucks. UGH. I really want to love you, California, but you make it too hard for me.