Such a beautiful disease.

I remember the day we arrived in New York. It was eleven at night and then we were three hours late for our bed and breakfast reservation. The lovely host asked us what time we'd be there so she could stay up and open the door for us. I had forgotten to consider the travel time from the airport to Harlem. All in all, it took us more than three hours. During that time, a couple of trains were undergoing repair and so we had to hop from train to train. This eventually led to us getting lost more than five times. Thank goodness for friendly New Yorkers who noticed how distressed we were (yes, the city really never sleeps!) and gladly offered to give us directions. In the end, it was a group of really nice construction workers who were able to save us. We arrived at Efuru at three in the morning! When we got there, the daughter of the landlady was in her pajamas. She was great though and did not even complain. I guess she was used to it already. New York City, how I love getting lost in you!