Do you have a bucket list?

Loser of the year award goes to me for spending all that time and energy on making this -- a document with my list of things to do before the year 2020. No, I don't think I'll die by 2020, but I will be 30 years old. I want to be able to settle down then and be completely happy with just staying in one place for a while. I also aspire for simple joys like having a family, someone to have beside me as we read the morning paper or a book (on our respective iPads), and having a house with bits and pieces from my travels.

Okay, why the sudden reflection on life? Why all this effort to depress myself over the fact that I have only done 10 out of 30 things on my list?

It's because of this. (Plus, some new fonts that I wanted to play with. Thanks, Careng!)

I'm only 21 years old. ONLY TWENTY ONE YEARS OF MEDIOCRITY LIVED SO FAR. I don't care if I'm being overly dramatic and stupid over a video that was posted on the 31st of March. It may or may not be a hoax or a stupid April Fool's joke. The point is I don't care! I want to do so many things and I want to start NOW. Question is how? So many items on my list require things like money and courage. Both of which I don't really have much of. Aliens, give me and the rest of humanity more time. I beg you!

Do you have a bucket list? Why did you make one and when's your deadline?