A fisheye night in Los Angeles

For someone who likes fisheye cameras A LOT, it's a big question in my head as to why I still haven't gotten myself one. I buy so many stupid things, I make really stupid decisions. But anyway, my next camera purchase is going to be AWESOME. I hope. A few months ago, my roommate Nat and I watched Dashboard Confessional live at the Troubadour in LA. I'm not a huge Dashboard fan, but Nat is so I agreed to go with her. I didn't bring my dSLR because I've learned from past concerts that big cameras require photo passes. So instead of risking it, I borrowed Jeremy's tiny Hero which takes still fisheye photos and records videos. Amazing!

THIS IS HOW SMALL IT IS. Yup, that's a bathroom shot.

Nat and I had an awesome night. It was also when I first got introduced to this charming band called Lady Danville. Two other cool guys opened, but I didn't really like them that much. Anyway, these photos will hopefully give you a glimpse of what went down that night of January 21st.