Woke Up New

Click here for more info on the EP, "Silent Movies I." WATCH IT HERE.

About a month ago, I talked to Marb about this personal project I was working on. Being a huge fan of his music, I asked him if he wanted to score it. I sent him the script I was writing and the existing footage I had from Los Angeles, THEN HE SAID YES! All was set then. I was sure that his style would fit the kind of 'feel' that I was going for. After one shooting day in Makati and Cubao and another day of editing, I sent him a rough cut. In two days, he sent me two beautiful songs made especially for dear Sebastian and Marco plus very specific notes which really, really helped me a lot.

It was my first time collaborating with a musician for film and it was such an awesome experience. I learned a lot from the short time we worked on "Woke Up New" (I gave him a tight deadline, I admit) and these things will definitely help me with my next few projects. Watch out for more Zet Diaz x Bones Like Snowflakes collaborations in the future.