A day at LACMA

Andy Warhol.

My friend Ary and I spent the late afternoon getting cultured at LACMA. We've been living in LA for two months now. Can someone please tell me why we didn't go any sooner? And because it was a Sunday, we got to catch a SundayLive show and it was fantastic. Tim Fain played a couple of solo pieces on violin and I'm kicking myself right now for knowing zero about classical music because his second piece was amazing. Ary and I were trying to look for it, but it's next to impossible. Dear me.

My friend and I are no art experts, but it was pretty overwhelming to be in front of pieces by Andy Warhol (even if I don't get them), Rothko, Picasso, and etc etc.

In other news: I did something crazy today. I've never done anything so daring in my life and I felt so brave. I think it was worth it. I think.