Para ti

I wish I could tell you how amazing you are. They tell me I'm too mean to you, but it's completely the opposite of how I feel whenever you're around. You inspire me to push my creativity further (however pretentious that may sound) -- both in photography and filmmaking. You're just endlessly interesting to me. Even though most of our conversations end in stupid banters, there's just something about you.

I have very limited time left to spend with you and even though it makes me sad, I will try to make the most of it. Maybe I'll spend it fighting you some more or wishing conversations with you never ended. Nevertheless, it will be great. And you are great. You should know and maybe I'll be the one to tell you. Maybe not.

You told me last night that happiness is the main objective of all our "movies" and that is true. I sincerely hope you find yours.