My first month in the USA

I have been away from home since November 8 and during those first four weeks, I was busy travelling around with my mom and aunt. We visited New York, San Francisco, Sacramento, Auburn, Colfax, and of course, Los Angeles. I'm excited to share the experience online, but the only way (for me) to go about this is by posting lots and lots of photos along with brief descriptions. So, I hope you don't mind waiting for them to load.

On a plane to Los Angeles from Manila.

A must-visit in LA according to most people.

Then we got sidetracked to New York for Sufjan Stevens' show. In spite of this book, we still got lost plenty of times.

Cafe Latte in Harlem where we had breakfast on our first day.

The beautiful Central Park.

And of course, who would leave New York without stopping by Gray's Papaya?

Central Park is really lovely. More lovely in real life than in pictures!

The Brooklyn Bridge. I admit it was a terribly long walk, but I had fun watching other people. Read more about it here.

The Met.

826Valencia in San Francisco! A must-visit for any McSweeney's or Dave Eggers fan!

The happy pirate.

Colfax, CA.

Looking stupid at the Bear Mountain.

Bear Lake. <3

There'll be more photos of San Francisco soon, but for now these will do! :)