Back to school

So today was our first day as NYFA students. We were introduced to our instructors and our fellow classmates. I have to admit, I was extremely anxious and hungry during the classes. For one, I wasn't able to cook breakfast because I forgot to thaw the bacon. And two, I was just nervous about being a student again.
My class is pretty awesome and diverse. I have classmates from Spain, Brazil, Chile, Russia, Japan, Peru, and Canada. I was hoping for a Filipino classmate, but no luck. It's going to be a challenge interacting with people who speak different languages on a daily basis, but it's the kind that I've been looking forward to since the day I found out I was going to NYFA.

So my home away from home is a two-bedroom apartment with three very nice Spanish girls. They try to speak English when I'm around as much as possible which I really appreciate. I want to learn Spanish though.

One of the major difficulties in living independently is the food. I don't and can't rely on take-out food because they suck and they're also costly. So for dinner tonight, I decided to cook! I've always taken pride on baking skills, but cooking's not quite the same. Just look at how I massacred that sunny side up egg. Not impressive at all, I know.

I just need to make a check list of everything I need like the major necessities: chocolates, desserts, chocolate drinks, and Ruffles. For now, I'm gonna have to rely on my mini franks, bacon, and my last pack of grape Jelly Bellies.