All things go, all things go.

I remember years ago when I first heard the song "To Be Alone With You". I wasn't sure back then what it meant and I guess I'm still not completely sure until now. All I know is I fell in love with the soft voice of Sufjan Stevens and that started a whole new era in my life, musically. I wasn't into folk music then and he sort of introduced me to the whole indie folk genre.

(Major frustration of the night: I wasn't able to bring my camera inside. :( But it was an awesome show nonetheless!)

Two nights ago, I heard him perform that song live. My first Sufjan song performed perfectly, beautifully, right in front of me. I just couldn't believe it.

I guess what I'm so emotional about is the fact that I've been listening to this guy for years and years, always trying to get people into his music, hopelessly explaining what's so magical about it and rarely succeeding. I have been a big fan for so long. I listened to his music during some of the most important events in my life, good or bad.

"Who's Soofjohn?" friends would often ask. He went on a really long hiatus and I was afraid I'd never get the chance to watch him live, but then this tour happened perfectly coinciding with my US trip. I just want to say THANK YOU, life, for making this happen! Call me a fucking hipster or whatever. I don't worship Sufjan, but I sure do love him. I flew to New York just for him and I'd do it again. I swear.

How do I explain in words how wonderful it feels to hear "Chicago" live with balloons and beach balls bouncing all over The Beacon Theatre full of people just having a great time? Or the feeling of seeing Sufjan Stevens, DM Stith, and the rest of his band in shiny, glittery things dancing almost coordinately to "Too Much"? And those four encore songs were just perfect. Ugh. I am getting redundant, but it needs to be said again and again -- THE SHOW WAS AWESOME.

Here's the setlist. He performed more songs on his first night in NYC than on his final show which I am thankful for because I originally planned on attending the last one.

1. Seven Swans 2. Too Much 3. Age of Adz 4. Heirloom 5. I Walked 6. Futile Devices 7. Vesuvius 8. Now That Iā€™m Older 9. Get Real Get Right 10. Enchanting Ghost 11. Impossible Soul 12. Chicago ā€” ENCORE BREAK ā€” 13. Concerning the UFO Sighting Near Highland, IL 14. Casimir Pulaski Day 15. To Be Alone With You 16. John Wayne Gacy, Jr.


My favorite moments: the very romantic rendition of "Futile Devices", the auto-tune part of "Impossible Soul", "Chicago", and the whole encore part. It was fantastic! <3


And a video of "Heirloom" in full! Enjoy. <3