I've been too busy living

I haven't updated in so long. I know no one reads this blog anyway, but still, I'd rather post the serious life stuff here than on Tumblr. Also, I think I owe this blog a serious update after neglecting it for so long. Much has happened since my last post. A couple of things worth pointing out:

  • A director almost broke my camera. It depressed me for a bit. Good news is the camera's fine. Bad news is I still hate the director.
  • I conquered the US Embassy on my own! Student visa = check!
  • I'm all set to leave for Los Angeles on November 8 and will be staying there until March next year.
  • I got tickets to see Sufjan Stevens in New York City on November 14. (!!!!!!!!)
  • My travel agent's annoying.
  • Life's been pretty peachy in certain areas and utterly sucky in some. Well, life's like that. Can't have it all!
  • WITNESS OUR YOUTH'S launch was very, very successful! More than 800 downloads already and counting!

I think I find it more difficult to put certain events in my life to words the more exciting they are in real life. Words are not enough! I'd post pictures, but my camera took a long break (refer to first bullet).

September is only a few days away which means I only have less than 10 weeks left until I leave. The highlight of my life right now is pretty much the whole preparation for my trip (e.g. looking for a place to stay, places to visit, LEAVING WORK, etc.). There's also another important highlight, but I'll spare you all from the cheese (my Tumblr followers, unfortunately, are forced to put up with it on a day-to-day basis).

To put it simply: I'm so happy!

So. Not much of an update, I guess.