On the possibility of getting employed soon-ish

So, yesterday, I had a really fun shoot with two of my friends -- Ennuh and Gabe. We picked UP as our shoot location which has certainly become the go-to for when you've got nowhere else in mind. It's a pretty place with lots of trees and wide, open spaces, but it's not very conducive to shooting for long hours in this kind of weather. I'm pretty sure we all got a little darker (and maybe thinner) after walking, sometimes sprinting, around the huge campus, looking for nice spots. Check out my portfolio for the rest of the photos.

Anyway, I'm expecting a few good things to happen within the next month or so. One of which is my possible employment at this company I've been kind of dedicating the past three months to (taking tests, going to interviews, writing storylines, getting scrutinized by the big boss). This isn't the work I mentioned in my previous, whiny entry (if ever you read it). This is actually the only job that I'm willing to give up my slacker lifestyle for.

Employment, for me, entails no more reading (at least, not the kind that I've been doing), no more mall trips (which I am more than happy to give up), and no more social life (they warned me about this due to the nature and demands of the job). However, it also means that I'm going to get paid regularly and will be putting my brains and my college education to good use. That is, if I get the job. It's still not a hundred percent sure. So, here's hoping.