Of Mild to Semi-Fatal Fangirling

Oren Lavie.

I think I've mentioned this before in this blog, but there are only a handful of people I'd totally go crazy for (As in, I'd write them letters, beg them to sign my shirt or my face kind of crazy. Not that it's an honor or anything.) and those are Sufjan Stevens, Oren Lavie, Lisa Hannigan, Dave Eggers, and Zach Condon. That's what I call semi-fatal fangirling.

As for all the others, I do what I call mild fangirling. The difference is that I don't go too crazy. That's it. But it's a big difference!

Luckily, I experienced my first ever mild fangirling (it sounds awful, but I don't know how else to call it. I don't like the term fanning either.) when Jens Lekman came to the Philippines and wowed so many of his Filipino (and some foreign) fans. During his performance he was just inches away from me and all I did there was take photos and videos. I didn't grab his butt or keep a drop of his sweat in a little plastic bottle. Also, I e-mailed him a week before his performance and a day after he left. He responded, but that's a rare case. It just so happens that Jens Lekman is an absolute sweetheart and likes to personally thank his lovely fans. He's part of a very small group of people who does that. This might also be due to the fact that his fan base is relatively smaller than that of, say, Sufjan Stevens or Dave Eggers (both do not have personal e-mails available to the public. Yes, I checked.). This is the rewarding part about trying. When you get a proof that they read your letter and, maybe, even liked it.

But wait. That's not to say that's the only reason I'd write to them. To get some sort of recognition or appreciation from them is too silly of a reason. You know the feeling of being too in love with something - a book, a song, a movie, or a poem - and all you want is to just let the person who made that perfect little something know that he has touched someone's heart or maybe even changed her life?

Jens Lekman.

After years of listening to Sufjan Stevens' music, all I could ever hope for right now is a chance to watch him perform live someday. He's been inactive for quite sometime now (recording-wise, although he's been doing a lot of collaborations and soundtrack work) and I know he has put out so many records and songs, but for some reason, I can't get enough. I hope he doesn't give up recording forever because that would really, really suck. And might induce some tears. I support the guy by buying stuff off Asthmatic Kitty all the time. I make up for downloading his songs online by buying his records as well. In short, I repent .

Here's what my terms mild and semi-fatal fangirling do not entail: Running after their vehicles while knocking on their windows and begging for their attention, stalking their whereabouts (I'm too far anyway), desperately seeking out their personal information such as phone numbers and home addresses, and sending blood-soaked letters of undying support and obsession. Also, I wouldn't spend thousands of dollars just to see them (but if I were a millionaire, I definitely would. That's a different case altogether).

Sufjan Stevens.

So I guess I'm not fan club president material because my ways of fangirling are pretty lame. But I like supporting my favorite artists in my own way and with all the resources available to me, I think I'm doing okay.

- Note: I own none of these photos although I do wish I took them myself. All acquired with the help of Google images