Shelf life

Presenting to you.. my brand new bookshelf. My mom had it made for me last month and after weeks of waiting, it is finally here! (Arranging my books made me realize that I don't have much!)

For me, having incredible difficulty in looking for much-coveted titles only to find them eventually (better if there's only one copy left) is part of the whole book shopping experience that I really love. I enjoy the challenge of having to look for rare titles in local bookstores, but also feel somewhat triumphant upon clicking that "Add to cart" button when I'm feeling too eager or desperate already. Then, there's also the excitement that builds up inside of me whenever a sealed brown box arrives at our doorstep -- more books! Before I start on a new book, I always smell the pages first, looking for the familiar scent of print on paper. It's kind of euphoric. Silly? Maybe. But it's fun nonetheless.

If you have seen some of my books' photos, you'll notice that they were always on top of something random -- my bed, my window, my bathroom, etc. Because prior to this day, I didn't have my own bookshelf. We have a couple of shelves here at home. There's two in the family room, then two in my brother's old room and one in my dad's office (he has a massive collection of issues of Reader's Digest and Time Magazine from 1994 - present). I've always expressed my desire to have my own bookshelf in various ways: I whined constantly about having to get my books from the other room, I would point at pretty bookshelves whenever we're out shopping, and would deliberately scatter my books everywhere (this, I think, was the one that had the most impact).

So finally, my mom told me that she found a good carpenter who was willing to do a couple of tables and cabinets for us for a very good price. First, she had a TV cabinet for my parents' room made just to see how it'd turn out. When she was sure of the quality and all the other details that mothers like to dwell on when purchasing furniture, she asked me to sketch how I wanted my shelf to look like and to indicate the necessary measurements. I didn't really know what to sketch because all I wanted was a shelf to put my books on. I'm not really very picky with furniture. So this humble little shelf of mine is the product of that. It's a little taller than me which is great. I really wanted a tall shelf (Am I writing too much about a stupid shelf?). I'm happy with the way it turned out!

Check out the photos. I've arranged some of my own books in alphabetical order already.


M-Z, some travel and film making books

Anthologies and photo books, a box of McSweeney's postcards. This would explain why I have two copies of "Will Grayson, Will Grayson".

Books that are way too big (mostly art and photography books), a graphic novel, and a Beatles book