When you've got nothing to do

Or in other words, when you're a bum, there's really nothing very interesting to share with people. Except of course if you happen to like taking pictures of inanimate objects like me (although, that's not to say they're even remotely interesting). So this post will mostly be filled with new pictures, taken in the past 2 weeks or so (yes, I consider them new). I'll try to make the captions helpful so you'll know why I even took the photo in the first place.

This is my mom playing FarmVille. My room is usually crowded on weekends because they prefer to chill here. It's like the big hot spot of the house. My dog, Yoda, is lounging like a king as usual.

This is the current state of my desk. I think it's very cluttered (not so much here though because I cleaned it up prior to taking the photo.. naturally). I just had a new bookshelf made and it's going to be painted white tomorrow to match the rest of my stuff. I'll have it installed and fixed by next Monday. Yay!

This is the fur-covered edition of Dave Eggers' "The Wild Things". My friend went to New York last month and he got me this! For free! How awesome is that?

This is Dave Eggers' "You Shall Know Our Velocity". I'm currently reading it and I have to say, I'm really loving it so far. My love for Dave Eggers' writing = TREMENDOUS.

See? I'm reading it!! (Can this post get any lamer??)

A very sad short story by Sarah Manguso from the short short story collection called, "Hard to Admit and Harder to Escape".

My dog, Yoda. He has to have a photo in here, of course.

Well, this wins as the lamest blog entry (yet). Watch out because there'll be more. Unless I get employed or something.