You put your arms around me

Your Arms Around Me by Jens Lekman (Live) from Zet Diaz on Vimeo.

I haven't gone to a lot of live performances. I could name all of the concerts I've been to right now actually: Paramore and Jens Lekman (if you call that a concert). I guess I'm not really the type who goes to things like that a lot because 1) they usually cost a lot of money and 2) I don't like staying in cramped places with lots of people too long. But then, I found out Jens Lekman was coming to the Philippines.. I had to see him at whatever cost. I asked permission from my maman and she allowed me on one condition: I have to leave at exactly 12 midnight. In anticipation of his arrival, I e-mailed him, letting out every fangirl cell in me into that little message. To my surprise: HE REPLIED. That just made me even more giddy.

So the night came.. I went to Saguijo with Luis and met up with some of his friends. We got there 2-3 hours before the actual show (my fault, I wanted to be early). Time flew by fast.. Outerhope was performing. I tried to take pictures of them but some jerks behind me were speaking in unusually loud voices, obviously with the intention of getting me to leave my spot because apparently, they couldn't see a damn thing. They called me rude and accused me of wanting people to think I was important. So of course I left. I was so upset with their harsh remarks (they should've just asked me to step aside nicely) that I went back to my friends like a little kid looking for her mommy. With a few tears involved. Haha. I'm pathetic. In my head, I was thinking, "Ah. There's a reason why you don't go out that much, Zet." God. Sometimes, I truly hate people especially jerks like the ones I encountered at Saguijo.

So I didn't get to watch Outerhope's performance, but during their last song, I went near the stage again, but this time, a very very nice friend named Joey gave me his wonderful spot and let me take pictures and videos there for the rest of the evening. Outerhope finished then a certain Erlend emerged (I know it's ignorant of me to not know that he's from Kings of Convenience. But I don't listen to them. :s). After tuning/preparing Jens' guitar, the man himself went up on stage and greeted the crowd. Hay. By the time he started singing, my bad mood was gone. It was just wonderful to hear his beautiful voice. I wanted to sing along so bad, but I didn't want my videos to get ruined. Haha.

The experience was quite surreal. It was especially entertaining to watch the crowd sing along with him. I never thought there were so many Jens Lekman fans here. So, that was really nice to see. I've been listening to Jens Lekman's music for years and to actually see him live was amazing. I wanted a photo with him as well, but as usual, I had to leave at 12. Le sigh. Still, I will never ever forget this night!

Oh, you're so silent, Jens...