What I miss about college

It has only been a little over a month and there's already an entry like this here. Isn't it kind of sad? There are so many things that, I realized all of a sudden, only college could offer. I'll try to keep this short, but basically: I miss the place. I miss the dynamic environment that keeps you going, the inspiring people around you (case in point: the man on my shirt is my professor and thesis mentor, Sir Cloduado del Mundo, Jr. - the person who inspired me to venture into screenwriting and, well, film making in general), and just being around so many people who are (sometimes) equally as passionate about the same things and are striving for the same or related goals. In the Communications department, where I came from, you'd see students running in and out of the equipment room carrying huge cameras, tripods, lights, and props. And yet, in spite of the terrible weather and the pressures of insane (and sometimes, unbelievable) deadlines, we always manage to carry on with smiles on our faces. It was that kind of energy and spirit that kept me on and helped me survive my course. Initially, I was aimless. I shifted to Communication Arts from Literature because of my passion for photography. It's still my biggest passion in life, but now I aspire to do more than just take pictures. I want to write for films, and maybe, someday, even make my own.

Now that I'm free from the clutches of school, I feel kind of lost. I want to do all those things I used to do in school, but I also need a job. Where do I go from here? (I don't know the answer yet, as much as I'd like to continue this with something inspirational for anyone out there who's feeling the same way. I suppose, I could answer this some other time. But for now, I am clueless.) Being 20, I feel kind of ancient. So many young people are doing amazing things and what have I done with my life so far? Ugh. NOTHING! Shame.