When your heart wants to squee.

Of course I'm going to blog about this. Of course! I am not ashamed to admit that I am a fan girl when it comes to, ONLY when it comes to the following amazing musicians: Sufjan Stevens, Jens Lekman, Zach Condon, Annie Clark, Oren Lavie, and José González. So imagine how my face lit up when I read Jen Lekman's reply to my fan mail! I told him about how excited I am to watch him live finally and that I hope to take a lot of pictures of him if the organizers would allow it. His reply may be short, but to me it is enough to make me squee and call a few friends just to let them know (and yeah, maybe make them a bit jealous, but darn, they don't know who Jens Lekman is which is, truthfully, their loss).