This was definitely uncalled for

Has anyone ever died of extreme pressure during his/her first ever job interview? I think it is highly possible. But thank goodness, I'm still alive and am typing right now, trying to share with you my horrific experience the other day. Also, I don't think I'm that good of a person to die so early. LOL

So anyway, like I said, I went to my first ever job interview the other day and without even knowing that I was going to be interviewed. It was originally just a presentation regarding something we were asked to do. But for some reason, they interviewed me on the spot, right then and there. And, well, do I even have to say this? It didn't go so well! In fact, in my personal point of view (or IMHO, as they would say), it was an utter DISASTER. They said they'd call in two weeks to let me know if I'm in or not. Who the hell am I kidding? I'm not going to wait two weeks to hear from them what I already know. I'm so not in!

Let me fill you in as I know I'm being a bit vague (as always) on some integral details. The questions they asked were all regarding their company, what they've done, and etcetera. In short, things I should have known or researched about beforehand seeing as I'm applying to work for them in the first place. But because I didn't, I humiliated myself and possibly my school (this is a different story, oh my, because I am such an idiot). Seriously, it's like I fell flat on my face, stood up, and stayed to see them all laughing at my sad, sad, sorry ass. So yes, that call in two weeks' time won't be anything good, I am a hundred percent sure. Wanna bet on it? I was so nervous that I even mentioned the wrong movie title (one of them asked me what movie made me cry, but was a disgrace in general - I immediately thought of The Tollbooth. But the only reason that movie made me cry was because it sucked so much. He wrote it down, and might research about it. I hope he doesn't try to watch it - for his sake).

I am much more of a disgrace than that movie, The Tollbooth. I seriously am! I will never be able to forget about this.

I am going to rise above all this soon-ish. It just sucks though because that was a really good job and I really wanted it. Just thinking about the opportunity I wasted because of a stupid interview that I failed to prepare for makes me want to slice myself into pieces and throw myself into some obscure, grassy place with cows and chickens to feast on my cholesterol-infested flesh. ARRRRRRR! (That's a mad sort of scream, but in pirate tongue.)