I truly hate politics and bad weather

My two-day trip to Tagaytay was a mixture of so many unexpected things. The most prominent one, no doubt, was the presence of two politicians and two wannabes who so kindly graced everyone with their plastic smiles and cringe-worthy public speeches. The most ridiculous of them all was the one who barely spoke and when she did, she hardly made any sense. First, she said that the night wasn't for campaigning, but rather for entertainment. But then, she went on blabbing about her achievements that no one in the room really cared about (judging by the awkward silence throughout her self-gratifying speech) and then moving on to her history in politics. It was an utter borefest, honestly. Thank heavens she stopped after about 10-15 minutes (of my life that I'll never ever get back).

The room lightened up when she prepared to sing a famous song of hers (okay, fine, she's a singer). But, dear, you can't sing your way to the senate (okay, another clue right there). She sang about three songs and even did a horrid duet with the other politician in the room who she kept referring to as "Mr. Vice President". Seriously, you two, get real. The duet was a real disaster, in my humble opinion. "Mr. Vice President" didn't really know the words to the song and looked positively dazed the whole time. It was a terrible and somewhat hilarious sight.

Anyway, funny politicians aside, the trip was a pleasant one. The sight was definitely amazing, but the weather was terrible during the day. It was extremely hot in some areas, while cold in some. At night, however, the weather was really cold and nice. It made walking along the hotel's garden so relaxing and kind of soothing as well. And while I enjoyed my stay there and would definitely go back, I doubt I'd stay there for more than two days. There's not much to see and do, really, apart from the usual souvenir shopping and the obligatory stop at Mushroom Burger.

By the way, I finished book # 3 (pictured above) today and have started on book # 4 which is A Convergence of Birds. "The Mysterious Benedict Society" deserves a separate entry and I will get to that later when I'm not so tired/lazy. I have this to say, however: I love Constance Contraire! I'm more than sure now that she's my favorite character from the book. I know that its a series, but my priority is the book list right now. Maybe I should add book 2 & 3 to the list...