Idealism is not a bad thing, really

Check the book list, by the way, for some changes I made.
Much of today was spent playing a highly addictive game called "The Sims 3: World Adventures". In fact, I even forgot to have lunch as I struggled to get my Sim engaged with a very picky Egyptian Sim. And yes, I feel slightly bad about this. The truth is that I have been trying to distract myself from thinking about tomorrow's dreaded activity. Do you know the feeling of wanting something so bad that when it's right in front of you, you kind of hesitate to grab it? It's just so incredibly nerve-racking to be confronted with something like this. I really, truly want this. How can I not be nervous?

Yesterday, I attended a rather awful career briefing. If I didn't know any better, I'd think they were trying to shatter our dreams too early in the game. I know that we, as fresh graduates, are far more idealistic than you ancient, rotting corporate people. But, really? I think the reason why majority of the people in the briefing signed up for an interview is because they got scared to death rather than excited (which is what they were aiming for, they said). Who would get excited after hearing that all your dreams and aspirations in life won't happen if you don't work as a miserable F.C. (I refuse to say what it is) in their company? I have to admit, I did line up for an interview as well, but I backed out when it was my turn. Why did I line up? Why did I back out? First, I lined up because I got scared to let such a (in their own words) wonderful and amazing opportunity go. I know a lot of people are unemployed and I seriously thought about the what-ifs (there are a LOT). What if I don't get a job in the field that I want? What if this is my only chance at an amazing life? Now you know just how brainwashed I was to be asking myself such absurd questions. Bottom line: That career briefing was anything but pleasant. So, I backed out. I refuse to let go of my real dreams that are way beyond monetary stability and material things - probably the only things that company could offer.

Oh, my seatmate and I couldn't help but laugh when they said that we'd make our first million after our first year in their company. So I assume each and every staff in this room are millionaires, yes? Too funny. The briefing did not even mention what the job would entail. They just showed us their vacation pictures to lure us into working for them. Okay, I get it. You guys go abroad all the time. So what?

You guys, just because you weren't able to make your dreams come true after college, doesn't mean all of us, fresh graduates, wouldn't as well. I'm sure we're going to make bad decisions, but that doesn't necessarily mean we should go for the safe option and work for your godforsaken company. And to think I even wore corporate clothes just to attend such crap. Le sigh. Lesson learned. Thank you very much.

The real world is such a scary place from where I'm sitting. Why was I so excited to take the plunge in the first place?