Bookswap No. 01

So today, while rummaging through my cabinet full of crap, I found some books of mine that have been read/have never been read but got discarded anyway. Don't get me wrong. These are not crappy books! Almost every book I buy, I spend my own money so I make it a point never to buy bad books (but, yes, it is sometimes unavoidable). Although, to be honest, I could do without some of them which is why I've decided to have my very first book swap!

This here is a book by Amy Hempel. It is a collection of wonderful short stories and is one of New York Times' "10 Best Books of The Year". If you have a book that you want to let go of in exchange for the one pictured above, then get in touch!

So, in other (more personal) news, I woke up today to a job offer that seems pretty exciting even if it's totally not what I studied for. I think the company was referred by DLSU because the sender even congratulated me for getting my degree in so and so and stated that he also graduated from the same university. I was just beaming with relief that I checked "Yes, allow DLSU to send my info to companies for possible employment" because if I hadn't, then I wouldn't have gotten my first ever job offer. And darn it, I understand just what they mean when they say finding a job is HARD. Yes, it sure is. I do hope I get more offers in the future because I like having a choice and I hate settling. But anyway, I have yet to find out the exact details about this job and what it may entail if ever I do start working for them.

I may just stay a freelancer, photography-wise, because it is the most appealing option for me right now. I found some openings in a photography studio but, one of the qualifications is that I have to be "child-friendly". I don't think I'm a sadist nor am I the huggable/charming babysitter type. I'm somewhere in between, I guess. But, out of genuine interest and desire to do something photography-related, I think I'm going to apply for this one as well.

I have just entered the real world, as most may call it, and it is a pain in the ass.